Starring: Jiro Sato & Director and Screenplay: Shinzo Katayama The 2nd announcement on casts of “Missing”!

The up-and-coming cast that will add color to the story along with Jiro Sato has been unveiled. Aoi Ito plays Kaede Harada, the daughter of Jiro Sato’s father Satoshi, who suddenly disappears and is desperately searching for him. Also, Hiroya Shimizu plays Terumi Yamauchi, a wanted serial killer. In addition, Misato Morita plays a young female Starling who has a connection with the serial killer played by Shimizu. Jiro Sato’s humorous public image has been sealed for this film. The supporting actors are also a unique cast of talented and attractive individuals who will lead the Japanese film industry in the future, giving birth to a one and only shocking movie!

The film has also been selected as an official selection for the New Currents (Competition) section of the 26th Busan International Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in Asia.