Teaser visual for “Missing” revealed! Applause quotes also arrived!

Teaser visual which tells the unpredictable storyline and extraordinary disturbing atmosphere have been released! The teaser visual was designed by Propaganda, a cutting-edge Korean design company, following the film’s logo and super teaser visual. The visual was created by Propaganda designers who read the script before shooting the film.

Coupled with the catch phrase of the film “‘I saw the serial killer who is wanted by the police.’ The father told and then disappeared, leaving his daughter behind.”, we can’t help but foresee the unusual and suspenseful narrative of this film.

Prior to the release of the film, we have also received applause quotes from Yutaka Takenouchi, who starred in the drama series “Samayou Yaiba (aka. The Hovering Blade)” directed by Shinzo Katayama, director Isao Yukisada, and director Eiji Uchida! Please visit the film’s official website to read the comments.